Bathroom Remodeling Stages

Design Stage
Design concepts start with a sketch from the homeowner to give at least a general idea how they envision the new layout of one of the most used rooms in their home. A total simple tub/shower/toilet, sink/cabinetry remodel starts with where the fixtures will be plumbed in…The experienced contractors at G & N have tried-and-true template designs to help you create the bathroom you’ve always wanted!

  1. Demolition Stage
    When starting over a total tear-out makes for a fresh start towards a modern bath. G & N arranges for demolition, clean up and hauling of debris.

  2. Roughing-In Stage
    The plumbers and electricians will “rough-in” their work prior to county/state inspection approval. There is no way to expedite the inspection process. Plumbing and electrical fixtures & outlets must be installed to code, proper planning avoids expensive do overs that take the project off budget. Once we get the official “ok”, we’re good to go!

  3. Installation of Shower/Bath/etc. Stage
    All the fixtures, bath, shower, sink, toilet are installed per rough in layout.

  4. Floors, Walls & Cabinetry
    Bathroom floors & covering are laid down. Once drywall is up there is another inspection. Then the finish work, cabinets, doors, trim, walls painted, lighting fixtures, towel racks, etc.